"What are we doing with AI?"

Finally answer the question

See the first safe step to use AI in your business. Unlock value.

No technical or design experience required

brainstorm callmejz_ai
brainstorm callmejz_ai
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AI Brainstorm

Unsure where to begin with AI in your business?

Structure the journey with my mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive AI brainstorming workshop

Have fun with your group identifying a key area where AI can be implemented, and demonstrate leadership everyone can buy into

Not yet using AI everywhere you want?

Benefits of callmejz's
AI Brainstorm
Expert Guidance

Tried and true process used at Stanford, Google, Capital One, and start ups

Tailored Solutions

Customized to different personalities to drive stakeholder alignment, template emails about why they should join.

Handle objections, what they should expect to get out of it, and what is expected of them during the brainstorm if they are not technical and not creative.

Actionable results

Take away a decision, discussions that led there, and a next step

AI Brainstorm Structure

2-8 people

2-20 hours

Templates beforehand

Fun interactive workshop live during Zoom video calls

Actionable results afterwards with all recordings and assets

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Do AI The Right Way

Do right by users, allies, profits, and implications for the broader AI community

Get your questions answered about whether the AI Brainstorm is right for your company

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